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With Debra


My spirit baby reading with Debra left me full of hope and with a warm heart. It really was a wonderful experience. After having a miscarriage everything pregnancy related had become a thing of worry and stress. In the course of the reading Debra told me many things I could relate to and hearing the information conveyed was such a relief.  On top of that I got practical advice to follow. The whole experience shifted my perspective from "what's wrong with me" to being excited about getting pregnant and having kids again. Debra is so kind and I can't thank her enough for sharing her gift with the world.

Anna Kristina from Austria


I am a high frequency energy intuitive and my ability to read patterns is very accurate. But before working with me, know that I can carry 'strong medicine'. This means that I might tell you things you don't necessarily want to hear but that help purify any illusions that are holding you back.

As a result of years of raising my vibration, I now work through entrainment. In other words, when you come into contact with my frequency, you'll automatically start to clear patterns that are no longer serving you and you might experience clearing symptoms.

Please understand this before you book. 

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Nanaimo, Vancouver Island

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